Simple Ways To Know Your Financial Business Health Condition

Financial Condition
Running an online business, sebernarnya travel malang juanda not much different from running a business offline. As a business person, you actually still need to think and plan your finances. This is important especially in order to get the income you can still drive the roa business that you run this time, can be used to develop it or can be used for other investments that could bring greater profits for you. But we should realize that the habit of each perpetrator of internet marketing is certainly different. Those of you who love to save money, some are love to shop, there are happy to share it with others, etc. All this of course there is nothing wrong, just that it would be nice if you use an existing income correctly and judiciously. The display Windows of it all, this time I want to share a simple way to know the financial health condition in your online business.

In this article, I will give you 5 questions. Please answer each question by selecting the most appropriate answer with your current condition. Each answer choice will have its own points. Now the sum of the points that will be used to determine the condition of your financial health. Ready to answer each question? Let silahakan …

1. For employees of the Office, the end of the month is the time for payday. But as a business person online, you can receive money at any time. What do you do with respect to saving?
a. I am aware it should be saving, but it’s hard as hell to be able to do it.
b. I like saving. I also devote time and energy specifically to my financial plan.
c. I have trouble saving and to be honest this is troubling.
d. I just shop needs a really important kok. So there must be sisalah …
e. Save is my nature’s call. I saved on a regular basis.

2. Imagine if you would like to purchase an item, and the price is very expensive. What do you do?
a. Buy only. Think of the invoice later.
b. Saving a new first buy it.
c. Buy it with credit card or cash. Despite the fact I could not afford it.
d. specific Dikesempatan I have to buy something expensive, but still prioritize price options. Though actually less comfortable for me.
e. If expensive purchased is very important, I will try to adjust the existing budget of the business. Kalu ya is not important, forget about it.

3. As a business online, how do you think the relationship between stress with shopping?

a. Shopping is not a stress-reliever.
b. Plan of making money online is better than shopping.
c. Shopping makes me a little bit entertained.
d. Shopping thus making the mood was further muddled. No relation between stress-reliever with shopping.
e. Shopping is the last thing I would do when stress. But putting aside money or put the funds for investment in the internet marketing world thus encourages me.

4. Credit cards are often required and used as a tool of pemabayaran by many internet marketers and online businesses. Therefore I am sure most of you have a credit card. Well, what about your habits in using this credit kertu in terms of shopping?
a. I often forgot to pay the Bills. I get lots of warnings for being late paying.
b. I always had trouble paying credit card bills in full. But I always wanted to pay him on time if there is money.
c. I often use credit cards. But always paid it with the minimum payment.
d. it is better I have no credit at all. kertu Jikalaupun exists, will very rarely I use.
e. I have avoided shopping with credit cards. Better to pay cash or debit.

5. If you win a sweepstakes giveaway online cash billions of dollars, what do you do?
a. Girang. But I don’t know what to do with the gifts.
b. very happy. I will think about how to use the money specifically to develop my business online while you enjoy it.
c. very excited. Reflected, from now on I can buy anything I dreamed.
d. a little sad if reminded of those who are less fortunate. So, I will use the money to help them.
e. girang, shock, and relieved because now my future is secure.

Whether all the questions already answered? Now is the time you calculate your points.


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