Tips For Doing Effective Link Building

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In previous posts I was commenting on link building for SEO blog. It has been explained why link building is important for SEO your blog. We have also learned that to do link building quality links is required. Yes, links are sourced on the web that has a good reputation, for example, the web has a high pagerank. It must also have relevant topics and related issues. And don’t forget the anchor text in these links must also comply with the topic of discussion is at once a keyword which we viewfinder.

Well after knowing it, and then the next question is how do I do an effective link building? Okay, on this occasion I would like to give tips on how to conduct an effective link building. See yaaa …

Internal Linking
1. Create a sitemap page for your blog. A sitemap is a list of contents contains a list of links to the entire article in the web or in your blog. In addition to good for SEO internal linking, page sitemap is also favorable to the visitor in search of your blog. Of course it will improve the pageview in your blog.

2. connect between posting the one with another posting by using the links. Use anchor text that match the keywords and topics that are being discussed in the posting. It will also help the reader to understand that there is a thing that is not described on one page post, but explained on another page.

External Linking
Speaking the external linking closely related to links labeled dofollow or nofollow. Links labeled nofollow could be considered a backlink but will be ignored by google. Links labeled nofollow will be overlooked as a quality reference by google. Yahoo and a few other search engines don’t pay attention to this. Google is paying attention to the kualiatas and the interconnectedness of the anchor text from the web or blogs that provide backlinks to your web or blog. Therefore it is easy to get a lot of backlinks yahoo, while getting a backlink from google is very difficult.

Measures of building external link:
1. Do a blogwalking to build backlinks. You can comment and leave your blog or web link. In the column of the website, you will not only be able to leave the main page links, you can also leave a link to your post page. But on the web or a new blog, the priority is to optimise the main page link in order to strengthen the visibility and popularity. Please enter the name of the commentator with anchor text, i.e. the target you want to optimize your keyword on search engines. Prioritize on dofollow blogs with comment.
2. Submit your blog to directories and social bookmarking, prioritize on directories and dofollow social bookmark.
3. Links from within your blog or the web that point to the web or to other blogs also included external links. Avoid direct links to your web who have a bad reputation. This will result in your reputation into decline. Set your link you to the web that has a good reputation. So search engines will also add value to your web or blog.


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